Final Stretch: Unlocking Advanced Badges on the Last Day of Development

As the ACDC Hackathon draws to its climax, our team’s dedication and innovative spirit have led us to target three advanced badges, each reflecting our commitment to solving complex problems with cutting-edge technology and best practices.

Crawler: Revolutionizing Assistance with Copilot Studio

In our quest for the “Crawler” badge, we’ve integrated Copilot Studio into our Power Page site, embedding a Copilot bot designed to aid users when they’re stuck on a course level. This ingenious feature utilizes a cloud flow triggered by the user’s input, leveraging the Dataverse action “Search Rows (Preview)” to find and return answers for the specified course level. This not only enhances user experience but also showcases our innovative use of search to solve a real-world business problem.

Client Side Salsa: Ensuring Smooth Performance with Modern Frameworks

Our pursuit of the “Client Side Salsa” badge highlights our application’s fluidity, achieved by running entirely within the client’s browser without becoming a cumbersome monolith. By crafting a PCF control for our interactive course game using TypeScript and React, we ensure our setup’s compatibility across a wide range of browsers. This approach underlines our strategic use of modern front-end frameworks to deliver a seamless and responsive user interface.

ACDC Craftsman: Demonstrating Development and Deployment Excellence

The “ACDC Craftsman” badge is a testament to our adherence to development and deployment best practices. We’ve established three environments (dev, UAT, & prod), focusing our component development within the dev environment. Our deployment strategy is streamlined through Power Platform ALM pipelines, incorporating a pre-deployment approval step via Teams. This allows for meticulous control over deployment timing and participants. Moreover, our use of Azure DevOps Repositories for the PCF control exemplifies our commitment to source control and project management excellence.

As we conclude this hackathon journey, these badges represent more than just our technical achievements; they signify our team’s holistic approach to innovation, user engagement, and operational efficiency. Our efforts to blend advanced technological solutions with practical application and meticulous project management illustrate the essence of true ACDC craftsmanship, setting a high bar for what can be accomplished in such a collaborative and competitive environment.