Dreaming in 8-bits

Few things sparks a developers interest more than arguing about languages and frameworks. Which language and framework is new and cool is a very popular discussion in a room full of it nerds. Every day we see new ones appear, and jobs that use late technologies are not popular among young and energetic developers. From Visual Basic through COBOL to Haskell we see that old languages are losing popularity and ultimately dieing.

But exceptions exist… 

Perhaps no programming language has stood the test of time better than C. C is alive in so many ways – theres language derivatives such as Arnold.C, Objective C, C# and C++. C also is what you find under the hood of Python packages like numpy. C also still lives as its own language and is the preferred language for many embedded engineers. But (in our opinion) most importantly, C is the language of the Arduino! 

We use the arduino controller to notify the driver when using our app. We have IoT-ified our solution by connecting the arduino to a wifi-connected endpoint. Because of this, we get to write C. Oh, the glory days. How beautiful to behold this relic that still lives on.