Revolutionizing Race Management: NerdeNinjas

NerdeNinjas solution is a groundbreaking suite of applications reshaping race management with its cloud-based and Power Platform technologies. Here’s a brief overview of its key components:

CustomGPT: AI-Driven Content Generation

At its core, CustomGPT from GPT Studio automates blog post creation, offering AI-powered content generation and customizable templates for efficiency and consistency. Utilized to produce blog posts and solution descriptions.

Dataverse: Enhanced Data Storage and Security

Dataverse excels in data modeling and storage, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft services and offering robust data security and a simplified management interface.

Canvas App: Simplified Race Sign-Ups

The user-friendly Canvas App streamlines race enrollments and updates, making the process intuitive and efficient.

Model-Driven App: For Race Administrators

Tailored for race admins, this app facilitates race planning and tracking, easing the administrative load with automated tools.

Automated Race Statistics: Powered by Power Automate

Race statistics entry is automated with Power Automate, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in data handling.

AI Chatbot in MS Teams

An AI Chatbot in MS Teams provides chat memory, result statistics, and race sign-up functionalities, enhancing communication and data retrieval.

Power BI Race Analytics

The Power BI-powered Race Analytics Platform offers real-time insights and data visualization, aiding strategic planning based on comprehensive race stats.


Nerd ninjas solution stands out as a comprehensive solution for modern race management, leveraging AI and Microsoft’s Power suite to optimize efficiency and decision-making in racing.