They see me flowin’ 🏴‍☠️🦜

When we need to merge things together, what could be easier than using Power Automate.
We have seen that there is a need for visual warning on board ships to be ready if pirates are coming.

Power Automate flow for Hue lights
Triggered 🤔

Therefore, we have connected a Zigbee light chain to a Philips Hue base, on which we use a Power Automate flow to activate a red alarm light.
This is done by calling an endpoint with ALERT in the body.
When the coast is clear again, we can send a “no danger” message and the light will return to green.
It is solved by calling the same endpoint with CLEAR.

Some code for sending alerts to Teams and lights

To make this work, we have connected a Raspberry Pi to the same local network as Philips Hue. We have used a Philips Hue connector from an independent developer.
Fine with everything that is ready-made from 3rd parties 😃

Raspberry PI connecting it all together