The Existential Risk – using AI to detect potential recruits and giving them proper pirate names

Pirates 365 uses several AI components


We are using Tensorflow to detect passing pirates

Tensorflow can run in the web browser, and is able to both detect persons and other objects like bottles.

Hooking up the webcamera with the frame analyzer
Detecting bottles and pirates

ChatGPT to create PirateNames

We have already blogged about how we are usting OpenAI’s DaVinci model to generate Pirate Names here

Here we use the following prompt

Create a creative and cool pirate name from the name "{firstname lastname}".  Do not use the word "captain". Answer only with the name - max 3 words. Only output text characters a-z, no special characters!

Hipster-ish technology

Making this we leveraged vue.js, pinia, three, troisjs, tensorflow, ChatGPT. The list goes on 😉. All pretty hip, (almost) non-ms technology.


We hope this sholud be sufficient for getting the AI- and Hipster badge 🏴‍☠️✌️🦜