The Orange Bandits shows and tells

An ERP implementation can be a complex and time-consuming process, but the benefits of improved efficiency, reduced manual labor, and enhanced data accuracy can be significant.

As part of our solution goals, we are focusing on 4 pillars, and we strongly believe that the first implementation of the Pirate Fleet Management hits all 4 pillars!


  • AI

The App uses a mix of built in and custom models in innovative way and yet makes the enlisting process easy and straightforward.

  • Sustainability

The use of a canvas app which is mobile-integrated (a device that everyone has) means that there is no need for extra devices and we are using available resources.

  • User Experience

The app is easy to use, straightforward and there is no need to punch any characters.

  • Scalability and integration

The app is scalable and can be used on any mobile device and integrates well with both our back-end CRM solution and external endpoints.