Stairway to Heaven for Orange Bandits

Leveraging of Microsoft API’s allows developers to quickly get started witch achieving meaningful results in the development process.

Here is a quick summary of API’s we used, that are delivered by Microsoft:

  • Dataverse REST API:

Used as backbone of our systems integrations, main data ingest and source point. It is used in PowerBI to expose data to report:

  • Microsoft Bot API

It is used in sending notifications to Teams App (more on that in A Pirate Call to Arms! | Arctic Cloud Developer Challenge Submissions (!).

  • Machine Learning Services API

ML REST API is used in PowerBI report to show the information about potential pirate looting activity outcome, based on information about the potential looting target:

Microsoft Identity platform (Azure Active Directory Authentication)

call from .NET code
and as it’s seen in Fiddler

This vehicleApi is on top of microsoft sql server database which is providing vehicle data based on MachineLearnings recognition of a make of a car. In order for the api to work, it connects to Azure Keyvault – and in order to access it, a call to microsoft Azure Ad Authentication API is made.