Prey on the weak and the lonely – in a very Native Way

All is fair in love and war, and we know the pirate motto:

Also, me every lunch at this ACDC

So, being the scumbags that we are, we have decided to prey on the lonely and thirsty enemy pirates finally coming home after a long voyage.

Step 1: Enemy pirate downloads are professional grade, completely inconspicuous app called “Clap of Booty”

nice, right?

Step 2: After opening the app, user is prompted to share the phone location (android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION)

Step 3: User is greeted with a Steve-Jobs-would-be-jealous level of design, where they get to choose the pirate they like.

Apple if you are recruiting, we are currently unavailable

Step 4: And all the while they are liking the handsome dogs and wenches of the seven seas (or not, beauty is a spectrum or whatever kids say these days), the app is secretly logging their live location every 5 seconds to our CRM database.

in case you are a diagram nerd like us

Okay okay, you love it…but why??

Well this data is stored in our CRM database and later shown on Model Driven App dashboard, so our smart pirate managers to make a more informed decision on which target to attack…but you will read more about that later in another blog post.

Keep on pirating!