A Pirate Call to Arms!

Captain John Phillips, captain of the Revenge, set a code for his men in 1724. Under this Pirate Code we find the following law:

VII. That Man shall not keep his Arms clean, fit for an Engagement, or neglect his Business, shall be cut off from his Share, and suffer such other Punishment as the Captain and the Company shall think fit.

Consequently, it is critical that each and every pirate is consistently up to date on fleet maneuvers, target acquisitions, and mission engagements in order to deliver efficient value to both themselves and their fleet.

When the Pirate Control Operations Center completes a target analysis process and designates a new valid target, every single Pirate Captain is now notified about the new raid in real-time.

To create this business value, we coded a Custom App for MS Teams, in the form of a Notification Bot. This Custom App utilizes Azure Function Apps and Adaptive Cards in order to retrieve data parameters:

The general codebase for the Custom MS Teams App Notification Bot
The setup of cloud resources in Azure for a fully functioning Function App Teams Bot

The Notification bot was then uploaded and published through Microsoft Teams Admin Center, along with related Setup Policies and Permission Policies. Every single Pirate Captain will now see this Notification bot automatically sideloaded into their Teams UI upon sign-in.

The Pirate Control Operations Center exists mainly in Power Apps. The Pirate Control Center Operators have a full overview over possible targets, and makes decisions on whether a target should be attacked or not, by clicking the cannon icon shown below:

At this point, the Azure Function responsible for providing data to the Notification Bot is triggered, and pings every Pirate Captain through their personal Teams accounts with related data, and a button which links to a location pin on Google Maps: