Those pesky accountants are at our throats

We have dumped historical events into a blobstorage for simple storage over time. The accountants at TMNT hq want to known what expenses each event incurred.

To facilitate them a simple search for cost by parameter we have built an azure search on top of the blobstorage. The blobs are indexed every hour so that any new events added to the search and the accountants can perform their accounting on the cost facet of the events.

The image below demonstrates how the backend search looks, the query in question returns the cost facet for every event where the triggering factor have been a loud sound (100dB).

If the search had returned two events for 100dB where the cost was equal, the count value would be 2.

Simple searching can also provide quick overviews over how a triggering event relates to the other data our sensors capture. Below we can see that all the events that triggered for 100dB triggered at a distance of 144cm from the sensorrig.