Glossy ✨personalized✨ diplomas

We are already building a certification app where aspiring plumbers can complete levels to achieve the PLumber Certifications; PL-200, PL-400 and PL-600. As described in the linked blog post, a flow to create a badge in sharepoint is triggered when the level is completed. That flow has been modified by adding an action to create a diploma with ChatGPT.

We created a Custom Connector for OpenAI API i Power Automate to be able to access image generator.

The custom connector is added as an action in the flow. By getting the rank input from the trigger, we set the certification (rank 1 = PL-200). A prompt is added to the Image Generator-action, as well as other inputs (notice the quality input is set to “HD”). When the inputs are added, you can just Go With the Flow

The URL of the Image Generator-action is added as file content to the new sharepoint file.

Each diploma is different every time it’s generated, making it impossible to replicate. This adds an element of exclusivity and value to the certifications earned through our app. You never know what to expect, much like something you might unearth from Pandora’s Box. The Excellent User Experience and Killer AI is impossible to overlook.

Take a look at two extraordinary certifications examples down below. Are your eyes just as blinded by The Glossy Pixels as ours?? Just look at the HD quality… And isn’t the italian typos a charming effect?

2 thoughts on “Glossy ✨personalized✨ diplomas

  1. The diplomas do not carry a consistent look. What about the “glossiness” of the application around the diploma? We want to see more.

    • Thank you so much for your insightful feedback!
      We understand you comment about consistency in these documents, however, as described in the blog post we appreciate the element of exclusivity and value to the diplomas as they are unique for each achieved certification. It will also make the certifications uncopiable, as an extra security feature.
      We’re thrilled to hear that you’re interested in seeing more of our application’s features. We would love for you to take a closer look at our “glossy” application, just come over!

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