Princess Support Requests now simpler than ever! And more esthetically pleasing!

Badges to be claimed:

  • Glossy Pixels: We developed a custom Mario-themed UI for our Princess Self Services portal.
  • Chameleon: Our UI maintains it’s structure with the ever-changing screen size.

The backbone of our system is supporting whatever requests our princesses may have. With that in mind, one of the main objectives while planning for the princess-facing side of the system, we opted for simplicity and a fun user experience before all.

Our home page has only one button, so there is no confusion in their time of need. We went with the opposite logiq than the people that post recipes online.

Once the button is clicked, and the princess creates their profile, the next step is a simple form to gather the important information.

Once they are happy with their request details, and submit, they get redirected to a page listing all of their current and historical request.