The Midnight Oil Burns Bright

As the clock strikes 11:30 PM at the ACDC Hackathon, most would expect energy levels to dwindle and motivation to fade. Yet, within the confines of our workspace, the ambiance tells a different story—a tale of unwavering determination and remarkable team spirit that defies the late hour. This post is a testament to our journey, not just towards developing an innovative solution, but in pursuit of two distinct badges: “Remarkable Team Spirit” and “Thieving Bastards,” each emblematic of our ethos and strategy.

Remarkable Team Spirit

In the shadowy hours of the hackathon, when most are battling the weight of exhaustion, our team’s spirit only seems to amplify. It’s 11:30 PM, yet the air is electric with enthusiasm, a clear contender for the “Remarkable Team Spirit” badge. This extraordinary energy isn’t accidental but the result of our collective resolve to support, motivate, and inspire each other relentlessly.

How do we keep this spirit alive? It begins with recognizing each member’s contributions, celebrating small victories, and maintaining a culture of positivity and resilience. Music, laughter, and occasional breaks rejuvenate our minds, ensuring we stay motivated and focused. Our secret sauce? A shared vision that transcends individual goals, binding us in the pursuit of excellence.

Leveraging Legacy: Thieving Bastards

Transitioning from the vibrancy of our team dynamics, our journey also embraces the essence of the “Thieving Bastards” badge—our strategic decision to integrate third-party solutions into our project. Tasked with creating a game reminiscent of the iconic Super Mario, we initially grappled with the complexity of game logic and mechanics. The breakthrough came when we decided to not reinvent the wheel but to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Enter Phaser—a third-party library for React that became our game-changer. Phaser offered us a treasure trove of pre-defined game mechanics that we could employ out of the box, significantly accelerating our development process. This strategic move underscored the importance of leveraging existing tools and APIs, allowing us to focus on innovation and creativity rather than getting bogged down by the nitty-gritty of game development mechanics.

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  1. Love the quadruple hipster brothers 😀 And can you show us Phaser in action?

    • See todays post about the Head2Head challenge for more details around this! ( Or come over for some candy and beta testing ) 😉

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