Go with the flow Badge – Automating booking and tracking of orders

Booking of orders

Behold the power of PowerPages! Picture this: a distressed customer, facing a flood of plumbing woes, summons help with a mere click of their mouse or tap of their finger. With the agility of a ninja and the simplicity of a child’s game, they dispatch a plumber to their aid! It’s like summoning a superhero, but instead of capes, they wield wrenches and plungers! With PowerPages, plumbing problems are no match for our valiant customers

Donkey Kong, the mighty supervisor, perched atop his virtual throne in the Field Service app’s Schedule Board. With a stroke of his mighty ape paw, he oversees his troop of employees as they navigate the jungle of bookings. It’s a wild ride, but with Donkey Kong at the helm, chaos turns into coordinated mayhem

Our trusty plumbers, armed with wrenches and know-how, embarking on their daily quests to conquer leaks and vanquish clogs! But fear not, for with the power of the Bing connector, they’re armed with more than just tools—they’ve got the magic of automatic latitude and longitude retrieval! As they navigate the labyrinth of streets, our fearless plumbers rely on the Canvas app like seasoned adventurers, ensuring they always reach the pot of gold at the end of the address rainbow!