Plug N’ Play Badges – Send reward to the customer

Behold, as the final flourish to this grand adventure, the customer’s inbox lights up like a beacon of achievement! With a twinkle in its digital eye, the Microsoft Outlook connector springs into action, delivering a virtual diploma straight to the customer’s awaiting hands. It’s not just an email; it’s a messenger of triumph, carrying the seal of excellence from the Awesome Plumber Firm. With every diploma received, another customer joins the ranks of plumbing champions, their victory celebrated far and wide in the kingdom of email!

Imagine the triumphant moment: the work order completed, the last wrench tightened, and voila! Like magic, a path unfurls in the digital realm, leading straight to the treasure trove of work order documents! It’s like discovering a hidden treasure map in the depths of SharePoint! Every document, every detail neatly arranged along the path, beckoning with the promise of knowledge and accomplishment. With each completed task, another chapter is added to the epic saga of plumbing prowess, all waiting to be explored in the enchanted halls of SharePoint!