Yellow alert! Banana detected!

Ever driven down a road, cruising at a stable regular pace, when your car suddenly starts to spin and you lose valuable time going to important places (question mark boxes). Chances are some pesky co-drivers are trying to sabotage your life by throwing banana peel in the road. Mama mia! as Mario himself would have put it.

Mama mia!

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You are not alone! But fear not, a solution to this coming to your preferred application store. The app will run in the background with your phone mounted in a custom 3d-printed stand easily placed in your car. There will be a live video feed running (the user will not need to look at it for obvious safety reasons) automatically detecting incoming bananas. alerting the driver with a friendy alert urging you to avoid the detected banana peel. Early alert sketch:

Also alerts will be sent to the next of kin, conveying a message that your loved one have been in a banana accident.

System sketch

The project will use a Android app to access camera and GPS functionalities. The app features a Tensorflow model that processes the video feed and labels bananas. Once a banana is detected, multiple events occur. First, the user is alerted through the app by a blinking light and the image of a peeled banana. This helps the user avoid the banana peel. Second, the GPS position is extracted and communicated to Dataverse. Dataverse stores the position of known bananas and they are displayed in a map that is available through Teams. Lastly, multiple alerts are made. In addition to the in-car alert, the system features a next-of-kin alert in case the user hits the banana peel. Moreover, Statens Vegvesen is alerted of the banana position so that it can be cleaned up.