Double dash it out!

Literaly, double dash it out. We ❤️ power apps, and want to show you our latest innovation by claiming both Dash it Out and Power User Love.

First off we have created a dashboard with banana-related statistics. We used power pages with the super fun liquid code template language to create a total overview of stats in our admin Banana Portal™ (Hopefully Donkey Kong won’t find the url):

The Banana Portal™ also includes a banana pickup route planner for the Norwegian Road Authority. Every detected banana is registered in Dataverse, added as a waypoint, and voila! An optimised route is calculated. Combining power pages (low code) and typescript:

Edit: added photos of the actual power page.

2 thoughts on “Double dash it out!

  1. How exiting with the #ProCodeNoCodeUnite! But can we please please please see it?!

  2. I forgot to add a photo of the actual power page 😀 Post is updated, please come see us if you have questions 🙂

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