Kraken’s Masterpiece

As we have mentioned before, our ship data comes from Kystverket. We expect high data quality and in the early days of pirating this was achieved by importing excel lists where the pirates had used much time to track down the ships in order to maintain accurate positions. Now this work poorly as the amount of ships has increased and the time used to maintain the lists resulted in ships sailing to the next city before we could even detect it. In other words, the ship had sailed. Therefore, we had to make a more efficient way to load the same data and keep it consistent with Kystverket. By using power automate we created a flow that contacts their api and fetches data from premade bounding boxes around the Norwegian coast. It deletes ships out of range and updates the location of those who remains. If new ships occur in our areas, they are created in Dynamics 365 and we will know!

By making the data collecting process more efficient for our pirates using data from other sources, we hereby claim the Go With The Flow and Dataminer badge!! Argh 🙂