The Mutiny Appy

As a Captain on me ship The Moria (my first ship Lady Soria was tragically lost during a mutiny, fuck’en ol’ crew) I found the need to prevent further incidents. Arrrr!

An App (handy while sword fighting) to manage how to split the loot so the my crew, the Bastards, will be happy and serve me loyally and eagerly is what I will make.

Built on stolen tech, open pirate intelligence, and brut forcing powerapps I will control the pirate hierarchy and move my mates up only when necessary.

Our hierarchy consist of:
Captain (only ME)
First Mate

The app will also provide essential tools and games for my crew in order to keep them happy and informed during pirating. It will guide them through adult virtual entertainment and show them the way to the next rum bar.

Frist draft architecture made in an rumble


Data model