Quick Tip: Best Practice when making reusable Figma Components

Figma, the hippest UI kid on the block, has a setting for components called “properties”. They are intended to mimic how we use properties in frameworks like React. However when working with multiple components and when swapping components they grant some extra value to the design process.

Updating multiple instances of the same component

Having properties for the values makes it easier to update multiple values though-out your design.

Remembering override values when swapping components

But more importantly, when using variations of a component the component remembers its override-values even when switching to a variant that does not have the same values in the component, making updating your design that much easier.

Just trust me on this, it’s the best practise

– Every Developer ever, and now also a designer

One thought on “Quick Tip: Best Practice when making reusable Figma Components

  1. Figma is pretty Hipster – but a quick tip doesn’t make a craftsman. We love the tools you use to make your interface , but we need to see your glossy interface before getting that badge!

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