PowerPirates of Axdata make a Pirates day hell of a lot better!

Through our Pirate Satisfaction Questionnaire, one of the things that really stood out was that now when the Awesome Pirate Corp. had implemented Dynamics 365 F&O as their ERP system, the pirates found it really hard to be able to check, complete tasks and update their personal information like bank-account when they are out on the ship and only have their mobile available. In addition to this, it was really hard for them to see where they are planned to be and the Pirate Planners had a hard time to plan where the pirates should be as they did not have the total overview over where another planner had booked the pirate the next weeks.

After reviewing this, the Awesome Pirate Corp. engaged 5 half-geeky, wanted, pirates to help out with this. The 5 PowerPirates went into their house and planned how this could be solved, and came out with this plan:

  • With the F&O as the ERP system and master data source, we need to create a canvas app for all pirates to use and a model driven app for all Pirate Planners to use.
  • Data should flow between al of these and Office 365, as that is a lot more accessible for the pirate on their mobile when they are out on the ships.
  • The Pirate Planners will use the model driven app (that receives the master data for projects and pirates from F&O), to book the different pirates for different ships and tasks, and every planner will have a full overview over what pirate is booked for what in the future.
  • The Pirates will user the canvas app to receive information over where they are booked, have their To-do list to complete tasks assigned to them from F&O, to do updates abut them self, and some other cool and fun things to make the pirate experience even better!
  • Things done by the Pirates in the canvas app will of course update F&O with everything that is needed for the Treasurer and Pirate HR to do their job and send their reports to the P-level management.

This solution will make the every-day a lot easier for everyone in the Awesome Pirate Corp, and combined with the right PowerBI reports, this will give everyone a lot better overview iver everything going on! And, maybe a Power Virtual Agent can give the pirates a lot of the answers they need, without Pirate HR to be involved? We think so 😉

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  1. This looks like an awesome post deserving an Early Delivery – but we would love more details for the Show and Tell :). Think at some more detailed diagrams that go more in the tech!

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