Dash it out – right now Matey!

Arrr matey! Welcome to the world of reporting on port ships, pirates and fleets!

As ye might already know, Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool that can help ye track and monitor yer fleet, port ships and even pirate activities. Ye can easily gain insights into yer fleet’s performance, inventory & pirate attacks, and so this is what we have done as shown in the images below.

HRGhh report
Ships O’hoy Fleet Management report

Arrr matey, we’ve created not just 4 graphs, but 4 report pages to address some of the various business needs a pirate may face on the high seas. Thar be a pirate HRGhh report, a Ship o’hoy report for fleet management, a map displayin’ our location and foes in real-time usin’ the DirectQuery capabilities in Power BI, and lastly a raid report utilizin’ Azure ML to predict which pirate ships we may loot successfully. This’ll aid us in makin’ informed decisions about the future of our fleet and help us chart our next course.

Below be a snapshot of the real-time, allowin’ captains and pirates to collaborate from different ports. This way the captain can signal which pirate to attack or stand down based on their proximity to the enemy, makin’ the collaboration smoother, even from a distance. This map be based on the location data from other ships and our own (Raspberry Pi) and displays the last recorded location through longitude and latitude.

When it be comin’ to pirate raids, there be other booty that be worth a king’s ransom, and that be understandin’ the chances of a successful pillage. To be doin’ this, we scallywags created a simple map usin’ Azure ML that be givin’ us the lay of the land, predictin’ our loot based on the target’s worth such as their ship’s maker, the distance they’ve sailed, the power of their engine, and their current state.

We be feedin’ th’ AutoML model int’ th’ Power BI report, savvy? This be allowin’ us t’ do predictions on new data ’bout our enemies, which we be displayin’ in our report fer th’ captains t’ make well informed decisions, specially when coupled with th’ map. By clickin’ on a license plate number as ye see below, th’ captain will be taken t’ our model driven app and shown more information ’bout th’ possible target, aye aye!

Yarrr! That’s a wrap matey!