Recent data suggests a mega-mutant-monster has appeared!!!

Our sensor-rig has been deployed to several locations throughout the Oslofjord! A typical day goes by without incident. But today our sensors detect MUTANT-activity.

Combining light-, sound-, moisture- and airqaulity sensors, sonar, and atmospheric measurements we can safely determine a new threat has appeared. We post this through our cloud rig which will alert our intrepid reptiles! (Donatello is such an oldschool guy that he recieves smses to his old mobile phone, which is not of the smart-kind).

The cloud rig is an azurefunction which is connected to an EventHub which pushes our messages through to Dataverse, which then posts a snappy alert to Teams with the help of PowerAutomate.

Our sensors also display a summary of threatassesment on the local rig, to avoid a technician doing maintenance and is suddenly caught unawares by the new mutant.