The real nasty hacker

  1. When visiting we used Fiddler to decrypt the HTTPS traffic to find the API they are using to get data. And turned it into our own custom connector.

2. We came above another API that gets both historical and today’s spot price in Norway. This could be filtered with “NO1” and so on, based on where in Norway you want to get a price from.

After getting some errors using the API, we needed an API key. After submitting an email to the email listed we received an API Key. After some more research, we could see that this is an API created by a “hacker” who abuses another public API that requires payment. We think that this is the ultimate candidate for “Thieving bastard”.

We are using this API to visualize today’s spot price and to create a local history in our database to create forecasts on prices with AI in the future.

3. The last API we are using is to get each day’s weather forecast, this is going to be combined with historical spot prices to forecast future prices on electricity. These prices are very much based on weather, and that’s why it is very relevant to include this in our library of apis.