PowerSwap Corp

Ninja turtles recently came up with an issue, after Rafael emptied the water heater after a long shower. They received an electricity bill that was way above what they used to. The electricity prices have recently increased a lot in New York City and ninja turtles need a solution before they are not able to pay their bills.

PowerShells has come up with an idea to make sure ninja turtles have the best electricity agreement, we are going to get hourly electricity prices and deals from all providers out there, and pick the best one. And this is how we are going to make it:


The customer will have access to a Power Apps Portal where they get an overview of their electricity agreement history and what agreement they are currently on at the moment.

They can see details about their current price; what are the electricity providers and suppliers paying for the electricity, what are they selling for and what are their earnings.

Customer Service

Customers can use the portal to send support requests and get access to knowledge articles. They submit support tickets as cases and can follow up their cases and communicate with customer service.

Progressive web app

The portal is enabled as a Progressive Web Apps and will be distributed as a native mobile app in Microsoft Windows Store and Google Pkat Android Store.

Customer service data registration

Our customer service employees will use a form or two (or more) to register various information about our customers and other information.
We’ll create an SPFx app (React) for this/these forms. The data from this/these form(s) will by some magic “flow” (pun intended) to Dataverse where it can be utilized by the various other parts of our system.

Power BI

Based on all the data generated from the API providing the current electricity spot price and the frequency switch of electricity providers and agreements we need some proper dashboards to display the data. We will make dashboards for the customer and the back office to track customer engagements.

Data and rates calculations

All available electricity providers and rates available for the customers (ninjas) will automatically be polled from APIs into Dataverse with power automate cloud flows. Advanced algorithms will calculate the best agreements available at an hourly rate, and automatically change the customer’s (ninja) agreement.


A canvas app will poll information from the Dataverse and embed Power BI visuals for a full overview of the customer base, prices, and providers.