Point Taken – Lego City Disaster Prevention/Protection

Welcome to the beautiful Lego CITY❤ In Lego CITY we strive to keep the citizens safe and all communication digital.

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Lego City is much like other urban cities with infrastructure to make the wheels go around.

Trains: Connecting all citizens

Lego Factory: Producing new and much needed spare parts

Houses: The beautiful homes of all citizens

They all live happy and carefree lives, but their safety is always a concern for the major of the city! Behind all the idyllic LEGO love lurks a danger that can erupt at any time!

Mountain of DOOM 🗻🌋🌄

Over the years the geologist have noticed an increased core temperature in the Mountain of DOOM. This has been an indication that it might erupt in the near future!! (earth time).

The Increadibles

The city will do anything to keep the citizens safe, and therefor the Mayor has created a crisis task force with critical roles in the city. As a collective force they will do their best to protect and prevent any lives from being lost in the case of an outbreak!

Geologist: Predict possible disaster

Major: Organize a crisis team

Train Conductor: Divert the train from the LAVA

Lego Mobile Phone Company: Notify all citizens via roles

Post disaster recovery

If or when a disaster should happen, the city has made it clear that they will help the citizens best as possible to restore whatever has been broken. To aid the citizens in a smooth and helpful way, they have provided a Citizen Self Service portal for incident reporting.

The city has also teamed up with a repair crew that will gladly fix all of the problems that occur. The City provides the technicians with a program for easy booking and part selection.

Once the Technicians are done, they wave goodbye, and the citizens of Lego City can return to their houses 🙌

Technical setup

Train: The train is a LEGO train