Oooh, shiny!

We are fully integrated! In our chop shop we’re creating a motor vehicle testing environment to make sure our applications communicate properly and that the driver is alerted when bananas appear. We don’t want the driver to watch the phone, so we’re removing the alert function from it. Instead, we’re setting up IoT devices to provide the driver with appropriate audiovisual cues. Lo, and behold! The latest patent in the Banana Detection family!

And when you have brought a 3d-printer, you ought to use it, right! We are 3d printing a dashboard that we are integrating a LED light into. The light is attached to a Arduino controller that is governed by a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is set up as a server, accepting http requests. When a request is received it alerts the driver that they are approaching bananas through the LED blinking.

Andreas working hard on some 3d-models