LowCode + ProCode

Use power fx to handle the overall function of the canvas app and send the more difficult logic to azure functions and custom api pluggin.

The azure function handles all the major quiz master logic between Azure AI and canvas app. 

The custom api plugin in dynamics written in C# handles the positioning of the user of the app relative to the work order and return if the user is close enough for a quizz to appen. 

In order to generate questions about Super Mario in for the canvas app we are using both Lowcode and Procode. The Azure Function APP consists of two functions written in C# to talk to the Azure Open AI Service through their SDK. In Power Apps there has been defined a new Custom Connector that talks with handles the requests to the Function App. There is also a plugin that has been written in C# to calculate the current position of the user so we can trigger the questions to be shown at the right location.

GetQuestion function:
The purpose of this function is to generate a new question about Super Mario. The canvas app will store these questions and if present it will be included in the next request to ensure that the same question wont be repeated.

The canvas app uses this function together with the saved session to check if the answer is correct. This function will only return true or false.

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  1. Expand please, is this a plan to implement or have it been built? Do the Azure Function use Semantic Kernel or have you coded own integration?

    • we have explaned this inn the update inne the post now

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