Thieving Bastards

The game that we have created is based of ideas and the work of Chris Kent. He had created a 2D game with movement that we have copied lots of our thoughts from. He has provided his game as an open source (GITHUB) where we have been able to use some of his components to make it all come together.

Chris Kent’s Game Below

Making a Game in PowerApps – PowerPush: Dungeon Explorer 3000! | The Chris Kent

Donkey Kongs Amazing Adventure (Our game)

We downloaded the project off Chris website (listed above) and reused the structural buildup of a gameboard:

To get this data needed for game board and visuals we are connecting to Dall-E and OpenAI Chat.

The below is a custom connector to the promt engine

This following payload is then used to create a board that we have in the game.

2 thoughts on “Thieving Bastards

  1. Is the game screenshot from your game as it looks like a copy of my buddy Chris. Ripping screenshots does not qualify 🙂 And do you have a running API hookup with GPT as the screenshot looks like from ChatGPT.

    • Opposed to most of our Norwegian politicians, I did reference his blog in the beginning. I have improved the text on what we have copied to be a bit more specific. I have also included more information on the custom connector to the AI’s that we are consuming as a payable solution.

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