Show And Tell

Imagine coming home from work and all you want to do is play a game to relax. Only problem is that new games are expensive and you can’t afford to buy all of the games that come out. You have opened your Steam Account and are looking at the list of games you have beaten many times before.

Out of the blue you see a new game that is free and promises a dynamic experience you have never seen before

Donkey Kong’s Amazing Adventures

The idea of the game is to dynamically change based on the users input. The first thing a user is presented with would be the chat dialog to define inputs

The user input is then translated to predefined Promts in Power Automate.

All data is stored in Dataverse for statistical purposes and is used when the application loads. When opening the game, the game configuration is loaded, and your custom experience is ready to be played.

An example of a configuration where Scott is the main character and the theme was similar to Mario’s Rainbow Road. The board setup is dynamically written from AI based on the user input (Easy , Medium , Hard).

After completing the game you will be presented with a list of high scores to further the competitive spirit gaming.

More to come, so stay tuned for lots of feature updates!!!