Data Miner

For our solution we heavily rely on 3.rd party services from AI to deliver a unique gaming experience. The first step in our application is asking questions to the user about the experience they want to play.

The values are sent over to a flow that has a custom connection to OpenAI prompting. Based on the promts this provides we will generate a unique gaming experience to our customers.

The first and most important promt is “Creating the Landskape”

The JSON that is received above is a complex structure of X and Y cordinate values. Each one representing a brick or movable space for the game.

Next step is evaluating this data in Power Apps, and the result is a playable game like the one below:

We have several more promts (Boxes in RED) that make up other elements of the game. This combines the API’s of DALL-E and OpenAI Chat promting. Together with these external API’s we generate a unique experience for the gamer each time they play. This value makes us one of the few games out there you can play time and time again without ever having to replay the same track!

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  1. Could you describe more on where and how you are mining?

  2. We have now updated the post to give more detail to the different API’s we are consuming in order to add business value to our solution.

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