For a innovative search method to find the game rules and instructions.

As we have developed a game for others to play, where we have used Copilot for the user to choose username, character and difficulty level. In addition to give the player the possibilities to understand the game beforehand we have made it possible for the player to ask the Copilot questions about the game and how it works.

We did so by uploading a PDF file to the Copilot with game instructions and a description of the game.

Since the Crawler badge is all about using a innovative way to search, we have used the generative answers for Copilot. This means that the player can use natural language when searching when asking about the game.
An example is showcased in the photo below. The player are using the word “Intention”, while the copilot is answering by using “purpose”. This means the players can use natural language when asking about the game.