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We claim badges:

  • Go With The Flow – for automating the information delivery process
  • Mario badge – for gaming experience that transforms the user interaction
  • Retro bage – for using Clippy
  • Power User Love – for using pro code PCF control in low-code power apps

Why You Absolutely Need a ChatGPT-Powered Clippy in the Dataverse! 

Hey there, digital adventurers! Ever found yourself lost in the endless expanse of the dataverse, wishing you had a trusty sidekick? Well, guess what? A ChatGPT-powered Clippy is just the hero you need!  

  1. Your Personal Navigator in the Digital Sea Navigating the dataverse can be like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles! But fear not, with a ChatGPT-Clippy, you’ve got the ultimate guide. Whether it’s data dungeons or information islands, Clippy’s there to steer the ship!
  2. 24/7 Availability – No Coffee Breaks Needed Clippy doesn’t sleep, eat, or take coffee breaks (though it might pretend to, just for the fun of it). It’s like having a super-efficient robot friend who’s always there for you – day or night!
  3. A Friend in the Lonely Digital Void The dataverse can be a lonely place, but with a ChatGPT-Clippy, you’ve got a friend who’s always ready to chat, joke, or offer a digital shoulder to lean on. Who knew pixels could be so comforting?

Remember, with a ChatGPT-Clippy, you’re not just surviving the digital world; you’re thriving in it!

Business Scenarios:  

Need the lowdown on our data without diving into the digital depths ourselves? Clippy’s on it, transforming into a detective, magnifying glass and all. “Ah-ha! Here’s the scoop on our latest customer feedback,” it declares, unveiling insights with the dramatic flair of revealing a hidden treasure. With Clippy, our admin center becomes a stage, and data notifications are the main act, keeping us informed (and entertained) in the most amusing way possible. It provides data-driven AI-based insights on the Princeses cases requests.


Clippy PCF based on the ClippyJs project.


Premium users will be able chouse his own virtual agent. And chat with him via the Microsoft Copilot Studio integration. 

Figure 1.0 – Available characters 

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  1. We would like to see a clearer description of the workflow that you say you will automate.
    We would also like to see a clearer description of what you mean by “gaming experience”.

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