Copilot. The Rise of Machines

We claim badges:

  • Existential risk – for risk of existence of software developers

App should collect, list, track or managed the incidents that was assigned to engineers. The table must contains technical info for resolving the incident. Also the app should include the chart with summary of incident statuses. 

Specify prompt for app generation and submit:

Wait until the entities are created

Adjust if needed and proceed with app creation:

Just 10 seconds and you have an app that you are not ashamed to show on a demo to a client or to prove to a manager that you have been actively working and here are the results of your work. Isn’t it?

One thought on “Copilot. The Rise of Machines

  1. The judges disagree that using Copilot is an existential risk to software developers! We wouldn’t let copilot write software for us without a developer first checking what it had generated first?

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