The Basic Idea

We will be implementing PRMS (Pirate Raid Management System) in which we will fetch data from NAIS – a service providing ship type and positioning in real-time, in order to determine what ships to plunder. The ship data will be fetched and stored in Dynamics 365 as leads and from there we will qualify the ones looking most interesting with regards to a risk analysis done by Sales Accelerator.

Leads with high value and low risk will be qualified to opportunities (Targets) and from there our sleazy sales pirates will contact the pirate kings in the desired area to sell them this plunder target. Where will be sent a contract to sign and we will demand a deposit up front. When the pirate king has organized and performed a raid, we will take 25% of the loot.

In addition to PRMS, we will offer our pirates a Pirate Assistance app developed using PowerApps. This will guide the pirates to the correct ships in heavily trafficated Norwegian fjords.

In case of meeting a mermaid a pirate might choose to use his Rumglasses feature where an AI will help him detect if the mermaid is real or a manatee through image recognition. This might spare a drunk bastard for ages of humiliation.

For any HMS questions, Pollybot – a pirate’s best friend virtual agent, will make stupid answers to real questions by repeating your question 70% of the time.

With this plan, sketches and business idea we claim the Early Delivery and Show and Tell badge. Ahoy!