Final Delivery

We are a pirate agency that tracks down ships along the coast of Norway, rate them by estimated loot value and plunder risk before selling them as targets to pirate crews in that area. To get the ship data we use power automate to import ships from selected locations using Kystverkets public api into Dynamics 365

Some of the challenges during this process is that many of the ships are in constant movements and can disappear of the map at any time. Therefore we update our ships often and delete the ones outside the desired areas.

Our pirate sales team use Dynamics 365 to get an overview of the ships imported from Kystverket, processing the most valuable first.

We have been training the ai behind the lead scoring by feeding it leads qualified and disqualified leads with different combinations of risk and estimated loot value by ship type in order for it to determine the ones most likely to be targeted.

Stakeholders are automatically added to the Ship based on what pirate crews are located in its area. Based on the lead score and whether the ship is arriving or departing a harbor in the area, the pirate sales agent from our organization will determine if the ship qualifies to become a target or not.

By qualifying a ship, it becomes a target and some of the vital ship data is copied to the target. Stakeholders are copied and the first thing we now must do is to make a few phone calls to them and ask who is interested in this target.

When we have determined the pirate crew who gets the target, we now have to discuss the offer. By default a product line is added to the target stating that we take a 25% cut of the estimated loot value. Sometimes this is all we need to complete the offer, but other times the Captain of the crew has a shortage of crewmembers. Instead of him declining the target, we can offer him some assistance for the plunder to come. By adding additional product lines for Captain, First Mate and Crew member (depending on his need), we now have the chance to earn even more from this deal.

The offer is now accepted and we close the target as Won. This will trigger a Flow generating a pdf document with the details of the target sent on email to the captain.

The contract must be signed and sent in return. The captain must pay a deposit up front before we give up the ship location.

Beside selling targets to other crews, we also keep some of the best targets to ourselves to plunder. To secure better chances of plundering, we have developed a canvas app loaded with nice features when out on a raid.