When a matey be in dire straits 🆘🏴‍☠️

Arrr matey! Listen up ye landlubbers, th’ teams round us be workin’ hard n’ fast to come up with grand solutions. Even though we scallywags at Pirates o’ th’ CaribIN be battlin’ against pirates, we must lend a hand to our neighbors when they be in need. Cap’n Hack Sparrow @in2 needed a figurehead to rally his crew, and since our 3D printer be swift and sharp, we took on th’ task with glee.

3D model

They sent us a 3D model of a pirate they fancied, which we then sliced and printed with ease. Now they be all smiles n’ joyful, hoisting their mugs high! Yarrr!

Yarr – CaptaIN in the makin’
Soo joyful