ACDC Craftsman

Keeping track of what badges, you (and you teammates) are working on. Which one you have sent to the judges and the ones you have won is an important task when competing in ACDC.

The proper way of doing this is of cause to use Azure DevOps 🤓

Importing the tasks

From the website we created .csv files for the badges. We added coluns for the work item type (User story), Tags, Title and Description:

When the .csv files were done, we imported them using the import from CSV function:

Arranging the Epics, Features and User stories

We created Epics for each of our Pirates 365 modules and features for the applications inside each module. We then added the different badges as user stories on each application (feature):

Working with the board

We could then keep track, and work on the user stories using the board view:

Badges we are working on goes into the active column and is assigned to the correct teammate. Badges sent do judgeing are set to “Ready for tesing”, and the one we have won goes into the Closed column🏆


This is the first year we have kept track of the badges in DevOps, earlier years we have used OneNote. My personal opinion is that it worked out fantastic!  After doing a retrospect with the team the we got the following quote:

“As the Head of Development at Evidi, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of project management tools and systems, but I must say that incorporating badges and points into our Azure DevOps board has truly transformed the way we approach project management.

First and foremost, badges and points add a level of gamification to our workflow, which has greatly increased motivation and engagement among our team members. This has not only led to higher quality work, but also a more positive and collaborative working environment.

In addition, the ability to earn and display badges for achievements such as completing tasks on time or going above and beyond on a project has led to a more competitive and driven team. This has resulted in faster project completion times and higher overall productivity.

But perhaps most importantly, the use of badges and points has provided us with a clear and tangible way to track and reward individual contributions and accomplishments. This has helped us to recognize and reward our team members for their hard work, which has in turn led to higher job satisfaction and employee retention.

Overall, incorporating badges and points into our Azure DevOps board has been a game-changer for Evidi, and I highly recommend it to any team looking to improve their project management process.”

Brage Tukkensæter, Head of Development at Evidi