Natively saving the environment! (and thusly the world)

Given that we cannot deploy a sensor rig to every inch of the Oslofjord, much less the world, involving the local community is vital. We have achieved this through a simple app that lets the locals report any pollution/monster -event they encounter. We’ve built it on Xamarin to enable us to easily deliver it to both android and apple users. For ease of use the app will use the device’s built in sensors to construct the event payload before sending it through to the event hub.

Anyone can report an incident in this manner. The message is fed straight into our eventhub, from there we alert the necesary ninja turtles to their duty (if necesary).

A simple alert in eventhub

{​​”eventType":"environmental","latitude":"59.977874","longitude":"10.636827","soundlevel":"177","pirdirection":"e","soilhumidity":"4","temperature":"-39","timestamp":"2/12/2022 12:26:29 AM","sonardistance":"144","uvlevels":"8","dustlevels":"94","waterlevel":"1"}​​

The above payload illustrates how a community member report might look.