Stairway to heaven – because heaven is a nice place

Microsoft with Azure and M365 expose a huge set of API’s for their products. Picking the right ones to ensure the utmost business value is key in any cloud solution today. Here’s three API’s highlighted in from our solutions.

Microsoft Graph API’s

Connector indexing and search for blog rollup in the intranet.

Graph Search API in action against a custom graph connector

Azure Cognitive Services – preview

For each pizza order we capture feedback. Collating the sentiment of the feedback is important in order to improve on pizza quality and delivery service. Each order is ran thru a flow to capture the sentiment score.

Custom connector – calling v3.2-preview

While we could have called the sentiment API with an out of the box connector we opted to use a custom connector definition in order to call the latest and greatest preview end-point – rumored to be 17% more energy efficient!

Sentiment from v3.2-preview


Dataverse is the data hub for Pizza Time where everything pizza data is captured and stored in the most secure way.

  • Showing pizza menu in the ordering apps (PowerApps and Native)
  • Triggering on Dataverse events in PowerAutomate