Happy Camper

Nearing the end of ACDC 2022 we have had a great time! We have met old friends and gained new ones. Just an amazing experience to finally be back amongst people again.


Personally we feel we have been exceptionally happy and spread the joy to everyone we talk to. All of the endorphins after meeting so many friends again has us smiling almost all of the time:) Working 24/7 a few days we also clock in the most chair time, and that has to say something about our competitive spirit? 😂😂

And of course playing Turtle Power at many hours – theme power to the people!


Let’s start with the brains of the whole operation! Our most important Raspberry PI controlling all of our smart objects. It supports BLE, Zigbee and Z-wave for purposes of communication.

With Zigbee we are controlling our smart light. Color, brightness etc.

Over Z-Wave we are connecting to our Police Light that flashes whenever danger is near. This is a real light that has been in action 🚓

Over WIFI we are able to connect to our Nest Hub, where we play music/videos based on events that happen (intrusion, pizza purchase.. etc).

Over WIFI we get signals to our Raspberry every time the camera detects motion. A sensor for the future when able to also connect to AI services for recognizing faces for security measures.

Just a pot of beautiful green led lights 🟩 and workstation turtle color ready – power to the theme!

Lets not forget the most important thing of them all!! The beautiful watch display!!:)