Covert Operation Center (COC)

Hello everyone. Lovely to be back to ACDC. Its gonna be awesome

Splinter, the master of the turtle ninjas, has done more than enough to teach these turtles how to fight, have the right mindset, developing the personalities.

The turtle ninjas has done it so well through the years, but they are really struggling to get things in order. Unfortunatly, There are so many issues in the world. Climate changes, Covid19, Trump Supporters, beside the supervillains like Super Shredder, Tatsu and so on. It is just exhausting.

Spliter came to InfoNinjas to save them so they can save more people. We will try solve this issue in 2 days ish. Its gonna be a challange, but we are ready. Challange accepted 🙂

InfoNinjas solution will be based on many components of Microsoft Cloud services and components. There are so many that Microsoft provide for us, but we will try to

The idea is to use as much of the following components from the image below. This could be changed during the next days, as it happening all the times 🙂


So the flow will be something like that:

So Turtles get the incidents from different sources

  • Email
  • Web
  • Internal

There will be an API layer that will be build with Azure Gateway that will integrate with third party services such as Wikipedia, Google Maps, ++. We will add some “smartness” in that layer so it will help the turtles to sort and catagorize these inciendents.

Then things will be shown in a Teams app that will show these incidents and then work with them. We will add some logic so that we could automate and make these processes more effient.

Splinter want as well to improve these processes, specially for incidents that gone really wrong. We will implement a Quality System that will handle this. Lets see how we will get this done for him 😐

Yeah. We will add some reports so it will be easier to see whats going on. Power BI is the our savor

All of that could be changed of course. Lets get started. Cowabunga!!