Go with the Flow!

Why wouldn’t you want to save time on a process that can (and to be honest should) be automated in all companies that uses Dynamics?
We have now created two different flow, where the first one creates a Azure AD user atomatically when you hire a new employee in Dynamics HR, and mark that the employee should have a user in AAD (Goes without saying, but for you that now wants to ask the question, yes, the flow assigns the created user to a group as well):

But why should we stop there? How many times haven’t new employees showed up at their first day of work, just to se that someone has forgotten to import you AAD user to the system, so you can’t log in? Don’t worry, this flow runs every night, finds the employees that have their first day of work the coming day, and gives the AAD user the right to log in to Dynamics 365 HR: