SMBPlumbing – Plumbing as a service (PlaaS)!

Backstory: After a life of dangers, princesses and adventures Mario and Luigi returns to their family business: Super Mario Bros Pluming.

Unfortunately, the marked has changed. Simple brick and mortar businesses are no longer cutting it. What we need is something new, what we need is a service, a service with multiple revenue streams… A service with recurring revenue…  What we need is Plumbing as a service (PlaaS)! Its here the Evidi Power Platform Plumbers comes to the rescue!

The plan:

The basic plan is us the Power Platform to offer a subscription service for home and castle owners in need of pluming services. For the low cost of 600 a moth you get access the wealth of services:

Community: “PlumberGuiden”
This is a vibrant community with real human members where the customer can ask and receive answers to basic, and complex, pluming issues.

Plumber ExpertGPT
Offers an instant, AI-driven advice on diagnosing and fixing common plumbing issues, providing step-by-step guidance with an authentic Italian twist.

Asset management
Allows the customer to register properties with vital information like addresses, number of dungeons and lava pits.

Customer upskilling
This is the pinnacle of the solution and allows the customer to level up their pluming skill. Not only will this give them the tools to solve their own plumbing problems. Successful completion will result in expert certification (PL-600) and allows the customer to transform into a Contractor.

Service Request
For complex issues that the customer cannot handle them self (even after consulting PlumberGuiden and Plumber ExpertGPT) they can submit a service request.

The service request will then be routed to the best fit Contractor.

After completion we collect rating and reviews on the Contractor (helping us route service request event better in the future) and generate a invoice to the customer and doing a revenue split between SMBPluming and the Contractor.

For this we claim the badges: Early Delivery, Show And Tell