Triumph in the Trenches: Conquering the Head 2 Head “Hammer Bro” Challenge!

In the spirited arena of the ACDC Hackathon, Remi faced the exhilarating Head 2 Head challenge: “Hammer Bro”. Embracing the spirit of competition, he ventured into the creation of a 2D multiplayer game that not only tested his technical prowess but also his creativity and strategic thinking. The game, set within a labyrinthine platform maze, pitted players against each other in a thrilling duel of wits and agility, with missiles as their weapons of choice.

Crafting this game required Remi to delve into the intricacies of a Power Apps Component Framework (PCF) component, integrated seamlessly within a Canvas App. This technical feat allowed him to create a dynamic and interactive gaming experience, where players navigate the maze, strategizing and aiming to outmaneuver their opponents in real-time.

The development journey of his multiplayer maze game was a deep dive into the innovative integration of PCF components with React, TypeScript, and Phaser 3. Utilizing the PCF framework allowed him to embed his game directly within a Canvas App, providing a seamless and interactive user experience. By leveraging React and TypeScript, he crafted a responsive and intuitive game interface, ensuring smooth gameplay and real-time updates. The inclusion of Phaser 3, a powerful framework for building 2D games, was instrumental in bringing the intricate maze and its mechanics to life. This combination of technologies enabled him to create a rich, engaging game environment where strategy and quick reflexes are key to outmaneuvering opponents and securing victory. His approach to development was not just about utilizing these tools but mastering them to create an experience that was as thrilling to play as it was to build.

Download the game files here:


Player 1

Move: WASD
Shoot: Space

Player 2

Move: Arrow keys
Shoot: Enter

To restart the game, press “R”

If you encounter any bugs, refresh 🙂

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