All together now – in Power Pages

We aim for

Feature Bombing

We can we to four games and a power bi report from the Power Pages site

Power User Love

The Power Pages site is showing that we can use pro code (the game) and low code together seamlessly

Power User Love

Client Side Salsa

All the games and the website is browser based and make up an extremely fluent and cohesive solution. It’s not a heavy monolith, but we have built each app individually.


We are using HTML and vanilla Javascript (ONLY) to make the interactive game on the website. No libraries, no dependencies, it’s sustainable to not load big libraries and only use a little bit of the code. This is very Retro! vanilla, baby!


The website is fully responsive and work on mobile and desktop, enabling users on all devices to have fun with our game.

Styling Power Pages

Bringing it all together with a cohesive visual identity on the Power Pages site that will be the landing page for our game.

Setting the logo – no code style

Setting a theme – no code

Adding Pro Code with custom CSS

Game Play Pro Code in a Low Code solution

Adding the game code in a Web template and including it on the home page

The web template has HTML and vanilla Javascript.

You can find all the code of this web template in this open repository:


Of course the web page is responsive so that players can play from their desktop or phone. Some kids are not able to run outside and we want to be inclusive.

When Peaches hit one of the boxes, the game will be launched in a new tab for the user to play! How’s that for feature bombing!


Peaches Flight

Glossary Test

Bowser Kill Quiz

Hammer Bro Head 2Head

PowerBI report

We embedded the Power BI report in the Power Pages site to give the logged in user the ability to see where on the Scoreboard they are.