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UI is very important for end-user experience. It can give the users positive feedback when doing something good, and therefore give them a feeling of accomplishment. What about taking it to the next level, and providing audio elements as well when you complete a cool task/raid etc.

This is why we have teamed together with many of the ACDC pirates to bring happy vibes to the community. We have a Raspberry Pi that we have connected to the internet and our SONOS speaker. We are providing all of the teams a unique webhook that they can call whenever they want, and the song of their choice will play:)

We will be offering this service to all teams, so they can have some fun with sound when the do someting.

  1. First, we downloaded a clip from youtube and extracted the .mp3 file
  2. Edited the mp3 file to a short sequence
  3. Uploaded the file to the Raspberry PI
  4. Created a Webhook in Raspberry PI that is unique for AXData that plays Jack Sparrow