👌 Make it a Feature, not a Bug 🐜

Perhaps you saw our resent post about colors and broken screens? If not the joke was the pixel pusher was given the broken screen. But as true entrepreneurs of the Seven Seas, we put our ripped flag feature front for all to behold. Introducing Plundrr, with pre cracked screen as part of the brand guide.

Detailed screen grab of the faux broken screen in our app
Full screen grab of the mobile interface of Plundrr login screen. The logo is hand drawn and the faux cracked screen is created using mosaic patterns from multiple overlapping opace rectangles.

If you like cool looking and also super confusing things, this is the outline of how we create the cracked screen ripples using vectors. The scull and swords icon are also hand crafted using bezier curves: The mathematical way of describing how lines in vector graphic should bend.

Screen grab of how confusing it is to look at vector drawing with multiple overlapping paths as a wireframe