Embedding Numbnuts

Alarm System

Turtles HQ was in dire need of a solid security system. Being in the sewage system underground they decided that tripwires was the absolute best way to achieve wanted level of security.

When the magnet is tripped/removed (white item on right side of picture, a signal is sent to Raspberry PI that starts a flow. This is a on/off trigger.

If the Trap step notices a change, the node is checked for status on/off. If is is ON, it will call the service that activates full alarms for the Turtles HQ. Alarms visual and audio are full blast.

Pizza Order

The Pizza delivery has also been equipped with sensors that notify when a pizza has been delivered. When the pizza has arrived at the spot, a signal is sent via Zigbee to raspberry pi, and from here it changes the light to Green for a successful delivery.