There were some challenges on the way to the finishing line.

Not all of the drones will take Lego as food

Even though we’re generally happy with the drones we tried to achieve our goals with, they were not so easy to force to observe small Lego parts (suspicion: small size). While the task is doable, it would probably need to fly very low and very carefully. The most suitable object would be of size of a melon.

Drone + Azure = not always success.

The main project goal was to extract, transfer and load some data from the drone to analyze it for future use in Azure services. Naturally, a connection to Azure is essential for this task. To set it up showed up to be easier said than done. But that remains a task for future studies.

Struggling with the basic drone control

Even though our team succeeded in ordering the drone with the basic tasks, it was still not a streamlined process and required much attention (and time) for each test.

Summed up, it was an interesting challenge, but this time it was too challenging! 🙂